Patient Page

The European Liver Patients’ Association (ELPA) is proud to be a key member of the THRIVE consortium. As a leading patient advocacy organization, ELPA’s mission is to promote the interests of individuals affected by liver conditions and to ensure that patients’ perspectives are represented in all aspects of healthcare innovation.

Being part of THRIVE allows ELPA to bring the patient voice to the forefront of this groundbreaking project. ELPA’s involvement ensures that the needs, concerns, and experiences of liver cancer patients are considered in the research and development process. This collaboration enables us to advocate for better diagnostic tools, more effective treatments, and comprehensive care strategies that reflect the real-world challenges faced by patients.

ELPA believes in the power of collaboration and is committed to working alongside scientists, clinicians, and other stakeholders to drive forward advancements in liver cancer care. By participating in THRIVE, ELPA continues to fulfill its mission of supporting liver patients across Europe, empowering them with hope and contributing to a future where liver cancer can be detected early, treated effectively, and managed with greater success.

Why This Project is Important?

Liver cancer is one of the fastest-growing and most lethal forms of cancer worldwide. Early detection and effective treatment are crucial for improving patient outcomes, yet these remain significant challenges. The THRIVE project is dedicated to revolutionizing the way liver cancer is detected, diagnosed, and treated. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative research, THRIVE aims to enhance early detection methods, develop personalized treatment plans, and ultimately improve the quality of life for those affected by liver cancer.

For patients, this project represents hope. Hope for earlier diagnosis when treatments are more effective, hope for more tailored and less invasive treatment options, and hope for a future where liver cancer can be managed more effectively, extending lives and improving quality of life. The collaboration between leading researchers, medical professionals, and patient advocacy groups ensures that the patient’s voice is central to every development and decision made within the project.

How will patients be involved in THRIVE?

As a patients’ association, ELPA will focus on communication and dissemination efforts, ensuring that the project’s objectives and findings reach patient communities, civil society, and policy makers effectively. We will be creating several informative booklets, organizing two laymen events, and developing recommendations to address inequalities in healthcare. Additionally, the creation of informative videos featuring principal investigators (PIs) in easy-to-understand language will ensure that the project reaches a general audience without a medical background. ELPA’s presence at crucial European and international congresses will further ensure the dissemination of the project to a wider audience. Utilizing both our extensive online presence and on-the-ground network, we aim to foster engagement and support for the project’s goals. Our membership, which includes 32 organizations from 25 countries, provides a broad and diverse platform for amplifying the project’s impact across Europe.